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Learn more about our business healthcare cash plans, because at the heart of every successful business are the people who keep the wheels turning – your valued team members. Their well-being is crucial not just for their personal health, but also for the continuous smooth running of your operations. Investing in their health is investing in the stability and growth of your business. That’s where WHA Business Healthcare Cash Plan comes into play.

Our employer cash plan in the UK is designed to support your staff in staying healthy and motivated, with the added bonus that it’s a cost-effective solution for your company. WHA’s plans provide your employees with the ability to claim cash benefits covering a variety of routine health treatments and services. This means they can focus on their health without financial stress, and you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a healthy, productive team.

About Us
Business Healthcare Cash Plan

Our Plan Benefits

WHA Healthcare believes in providing cover for a wide range of the most popular everyday health treatments and services. These are the benefits which will help you with the costs of staying in good health. Please refer to the Benefit & General Conditions for full details of each benefit.


Dental care is important because if it is ignored, painful problems can arise at the most inconvenient times. Dental benefit is payable for dental treatment provided by a practitioner registered with the General Dental Council.

Personal Accident

Accidents do happen and the outcomes can range from major bone fractures to disability or worse. Personal accident benefit has a range of compensatory payments which can help to alleviate the unfortunate results of an accident.

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